A little setback

This morning we had a surprise when we went to the hotel garage to take the bikes. Alessio’s tyre and tube had blown up! A little fixing with some good old tape, and we have been able to ride a few km down to a bike shop in the next village, Geschinen. Unfortunately, the shop is closed until 9, and it doesn’t look like the tape can hold more than a few more km, so here we are, sitting in the sun, waiting.


UPDATE: Just passed Ulrichen, we met a group of Swedish cyclists with a support van, just setting up for the day. Strangely enough, at first it didn’t occur to us that they may have a spare tyre! Justin cycled quickly 2 km back and returned with a brand new tube. We are ready to hit the road again, but may just wait ten more minutes and get that new pedal for Justin.

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