Bottom Up Iran

Mount Davamand, 5671 m, is the highest Volcano in Asia and the highest summit in Iran and the first of our Volcanic Seven Summits.

Done! We reached the summit on July 16! Read a brief report

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It has been an amazing adventure, full of emotions.

Read our open letter to our new friends, and to everyone else and live our emotions with us: watch the Bottom Up Iran official video!

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Check out also the website of the Damavand Club in Iran, the most ancient alpine club in the country and our great supporter in July 2014.

As in the already classic Bottom Up Climbs style, we cycled from the lowest point of the country, the shore of the Caspian Sea in Mahmud Abad, 28 m below the sea level, to the Damavand base camp in Goosfandsara at around 3000 m.

From there, in two days, we reached the summit along the normal route on the South face of the mountain.

We have received an incredible support from local people, some of them will joined us cycling and some joined us climbing Davamand.

Below the route of the cycling leg.

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