Bottom Up Mexico

Hello everyone!

We have been quiet, too quiet, but for good reasons.

Our latest project is Bottom Up Mexico, from Veracruz, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, to the Pico de Orizaba, 5,636 m, the highest volcano in North America.

This time, we don’t have friends who can offer local support and we are on our own.  The planning was thus a little harder than what we were so far used to.

Moreover, the top season to climb the volcano is late autumn and winter, which poses a lot of problems when it comes down to fit the trip into our very tight working schedules. So, we had to squeeze our climb into 5 days, which is a bit shorter than usual and it will be physically and psychologically very tough.

At the moment, Alessio and I are on the train to Munich, where hopefully we will board on our airplane directed to Mexico City, Anne boarded in Frankfurt, a couple of hours ago. Why such an articulated logistics? Well, it’s complicated but it can (almost) all be traced back to: a pilots’ strike, a train strike, floods in northern Italy, a funeral, a smoking car engine, a car accident on the highway (in which luckily we were not involved), a non functioning credit card, a stolen phone, a broken ski… and I may have forgotten something…

Once we land in Mexico City, our plan goes more ore less like this, omitting some inessential steps

11/26 – Drive to Veracruz, with a stop in Tlachichuca to drop our mountain equipment and continue with just our bikes

11/27 – Cycle to Cordoba, 850 m a.s.l. (130 km, about 1000 m climb)

11/28 – Cycle to Tlachichuca, 2600 m a.s.l. (100 km, about 2200 m climb)

11/29 – Cycle to Refugio Piedra Grande, 4200 m a.s.l. (24 km, 1600 m climb)

11/30 – Rest day

12/1 – Summit day, Pico de Orizaba, 5610 m

12/2 – Backup summit day

3/12 – Drive to Mexico City and fly back to Europe

If you want to read something about the genesis of our project, read Anne’s post!


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