Bottom Up Switzerland: ride, walk, climb, ski

From  July 12 to July 13 Alessio, Giuseppe and Justin completed their Bottom Up Switzerland from Ascona, 199 m, to the top of the Monte Rosa, the Dufourspitze, 4634 m. The total count says about 250 km and 7400 positive vertical meters.

Switzerland Bottom Up at EveryTrail

They rode their bikes from Ascona to Zermatt over the Nufenenpass and through the scenographic Oberwallis and Mattertal, then walked up the trails to the Rotenboden and the Monterosahütte, put on their skis and cruised over the glacier, before leaving them 100 vertical meters below the summit and climbing the final couloir and the short ridge which lead to the Top of Switzerland. Once back to the ski depot they skied down to the hut in an outburst of joy and finally walked back to the Rotenboden to catch the last train back to civilisation.

Here you can find their day by day GPS data, written reports, from Justin’s perspective, and picture galleries. If you want to see all the post related to this Bottom Up at once, click here.

Day Zero

First of all a little glimpse on what is about to come. Here all the details, pictures and a short report.

Special thanks to the Golf Gerre Losone for the hospitality at the Parkhotel Delta in Ascona on that night.

Day One

We left Ascona and cycled over the Nufenenpass to end up or day in Ulrichen. All details here.

Day Two

It was supposed to be an easy day. It got a little more complicated… All details here.

Day Three

It was long and beautiful. Read all about it.

Day Four

Summit day, anything to add? Go to the dedicated page.


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