Bottom Up Switzerland. Run, run, run!

The idea is simple, start from Ascona, on the Lago Maggiore, 199 m above the sea level, and reach the top of the Monte Rosa, the Dufourspitze, 4634 m, without help of any mechanical engine.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld is a top endurance athlete. She won all the 4 Deserts Runs in 2012.

She ran all the way from Ascona to the top of the Dufourspitze. She took three days to reach Zermatt and two days to climb from there to the Top of Switzerland. The total count says 220 km and more than 9400 positive vertical meters.

We now have a full report of her adventure, and some pictures.

You can also live once again her adventure step by step on the live report page.

Xaver Walser, from the video production company Subgraviti, and Andrew King, from D4 productions, followed her with their cameras. Stay tuned to see what will come out of that.

In the meanwhile, read about the camera team viewpoint on the whole adventure here.


Leaving from Ascona, Anne-Marie run up the lovely Valle Maggia to sleep in the Capanna Basodino for the first night. On the following day, she run over the Passo Cristallina to go down to Val Bedretto and again up over the Nufenenpass, to end up in Fiesch. On the third day she reached Zermatt, then climb to the Monterosahütte where she had to halt for one day to a massive storm which brought rain, wind and snow. Finally, on July 30, she climbed the final 1750 m to the Top of Switzerland.

For the last day of the ascent she has been joined by mountain guide Cristian Balducci.

Thanks for support to:

Hotel Castello for accomodation on Wednesday in Ascona.

Hotel Backstage in Zermatt for for accommodation and the helicopter flight for the camerateam.

Skiservice Corvatsch for providing the mountainbikes for the camerateam, an assistant driver and a van.


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