Bottom Up Africa (Kilimanjaro): WE DID IT!!!!

We are finally back home, all safe and sound after having successfully completed the second stage of our Bottom Up Volcanic Seven Summits project: Bottom Up Tanzania.

In 9 days we went from Tanga, on the Indian Ocean, to the top of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895 m).
We cycled through Tanzania for five days, discovering the vastity and the wonder of its nature and the kindness of its people.
Then 4 days to climb Kilimanjaro on the steep and hard Umbwe route. The air was thin especially during the last night at almost 4900 m, just before reaching the summit. We descended then almost 4200 m on the same day to reach the Mweka Gate.

Only two days later our team member Anne-Marie climbed again the mountain on the same route in an astonishing 8h32m time and was back at the Mweka Gate 12h58m after departure. Her time sets a new fundamental record in the history of speed climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro. Read her report on this amazing adventure (in German).

Now we need some rest to let the feelings and the emotions of this amazing journey settle.

In the meanwhile, you can check here a preview of the pictures that our fantastic Duesudue team took during our journey.

And now, you can finally watch a video of our journey!

Thank you to all our supporters and to the contributors of the crowdfunding campaign who made our dream possible. We won’t stop here, we have already started planning our next stage and you’ll here about it soon.
Special thanks to our sponsors Bettina, Tracker, V-Attitude, Trek’n Eat, UVU, to the guys at Trekili for the logistics and organisation on Kilimanjaro and to Duesudue, our fantastic photographers Alino – aka Walter – and Francesca who struggled with us to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro. Thank you also to our friend David in Tanzania.

Our friends at Paulchen Esperanza and the Yeshe Norbu NGO are celebrating with us.

If you wish to know more or become a partner of Bottom Up Climbs, please feel free to contact us via email or on our Facebook page.

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