Foaccina @ Tor Des Geants

He made it!

Giulio completed the Tor de Geants in almost exactly 5 days. Little sleep, some muscle and joint pain, fatigue: all normal after 330 km and 24,000 vertical meters!

Bravo Foaccina!

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We have been proud to support our friend Giulio Fascetti (although we prefer to call him FOACCINA) in his long journey: the world famous Tor des Geants!

After having tracked his position live non stop for five days, you can see above his track as we recorded it.

His track is shown in red along with the track of the various sectors of the TDG (green track).

This Icons are used to show on the map the lifepoint positions



The Giulio’s red points have been recorded with the same GPS device we use during our Bottom Up Climbs. The inaccuracy of certain segments is due to the lack of GSM coverage in the area.

You can check also Foaccina’s “official” transit time to the checkpoints on the TOR website.

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