More Bottom Up Climbs

Our most ambitious project:  Volcanic Seven Summits.

The very first completed Bottom Up Climb, the Province of Pisa, a landmark for, nothing too challenging.

The first real adventure has been the Bottom Up Switzerland. Check out the whole story!

Abruzzo, one of the most beautiful, yet little known regions of Italy: from the Adriatic Sea to the top of the Gran Sasso, the highest peak in the Appennines. Completed at the beginning of August, 2013. Read all about it.

Sardinia: from the sea to the top of the island, the Gennargentu.

We have also a few more interesting projects to come. In approximate order of increasing difficulty.

Spain: the Teide, in Tenerife.

The Inn River: from the Donau all the way up to the Engadin.

Austria: from the Neusiedler See to the Grossglockner.

Continental Spain: from Barcelona, or San Sebastian, to the Pico de Aneto.

France: from the River Rhone delta, to the top of the Mont Blanc.

Italy: from Genova to the top of the Mont Blanc, staying on the Italian side, more challenging than the French one.

And you can keep on planning and dreaming…


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