Bottom Up Switzerland. She made it!

On Thursday, July 30, Anne-Marie completed her 5 days run from the bottom to the top of Switzerland. 

She wrote a detailed report in German on her blog. The English version is now on line on Bottom Up Climbs.

Here you can have a look at some pictures.

A film crew was with Anne for the whole duration of her run, we are all looking forward to seeing the result of their amazing work! In the meanwhile, read the story from their viewpoint here.

Click here for general information about Anne’s journey.

Here below you can read some short comments she sent almost live.

Tuesday, July 30


They made it!

Anne and Cristian reached the top of the Dufourspitze today around 12. The conditions were made hard by the storm which blocked them yesterday: a lot of new snow on the route, ice on the fixed ropes in the final couloir.

They are now safe in the Monterosahütte and enthusiastic for the success of the climb.

More details soon!

Monday, July 29

As expected, massive thunderstorm, heavy rainfall and some snow today at the Monterosahütte. Day spent resting, waiting and for some team building, now that all the members of the summit team have reached the hut.


Sunday, July 28

After a tough 8-hour hike, Anne and the camera team have reached the Monterosahütte, just before a front rolled in bringing clouds, rain and snow.

Saturday, July 27

Anne is in Zermatt, taking some rest before the big final climb. The weather forecasts for Monday are really bad, so the summit has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 30. Stay tuned!

Arrived in Zermatt after 67 km, some altitude of 1500 m and 7h45.. It was a great day with some little crisis between Visp and St. Nikolaus, but when I finally saw the Matterhorn every pain was gone… Now eating and resting to be ready for the big mountain!

Hotel Backstage



Friday, July 26.

Despite some troubles with the GPS today, Anne has arrived in in Fiesch, after 8h30m of alpine running.

Here is her freshest comment, just after arrival.

Just arrived in Fiesch after 62 km, 2200 km up and 2900 m down in 8h30min. It was a fantastic day. Sun was shining very strong. The morning was beautiful at the mountain hut Basodino, followed by 12 km of hiking through snow. Then Nufenen pass and further to Ulrichen after 40 km. 2 hours to Fiesch. Now my feet are burning! But the day was great especially that part at the Cristallina! Some steep snow couloirs but no problem.

I reached Ulrichen after 6 hours. Then in the 2 hours to Fiesch I pushed it very hard. Last 8 km on road what was fast but awful. Just had my punk music on and kept going. Scenery is great and weather a bit too warm for me. But I enjoy it!!




Thursday July 25.

Anne-Marie has left Ascona at around 6.20. Just 20 km and 1200 m of altitude to go to CAS Basodino Hut! I’m happy and sun is shining!



Anne-Marie and the camera team have arrived at the Capanna Basodino in the afternoon after a beautiful and rewarding day.

A few comments on her day.

Start in ascona at the Romantik Hotel Castello Seeschloss early in the morning. Fast stage until Bignasco with some beautiful spots and green lakes and nice trail running parts! From bignasco to San Carlo only on the road with hot temperatures. Finally got to the hiking trail to the hut. First part was very steep and I struggled a bit because I was sweating a lot and losing too much electrolytes. I was pushing myself through the forest and ate everything I had in my backpack. Appenzeller Biberli, crackers, nuts. After 1 h and 900 vertical meters reached the hut. It is a really nice hut with a funny hut manager Ueli!

Bottom Up Switzerland: ride, walk, climb, ski

From  July 12 to July 13 Alessio, Giuseppe and Justin completed their Bottom Up Switzerland from Ascona, 199 m, to the top of the Monte Rosa, the Dufourspitze, 4634 m. The total count says about 250 km and 7400 positive vertical meters.

Switzerland Bottom Up at EveryTrail

They rode their bikes from Ascona to Zermatt over the Nufenenpass and through the scenographic Oberwallis and Mattertal, then walked up the trails to the Rotenboden and the Monterosahütte, put on their skis and cruised over the glacier, before leaving them 100 vertical meters below the summit and climbing the final couloir and the short ridge which lead to the Top of Switzerland. Once back to the ski depot they skied down to the hut in an outburst of joy and finally walked back to the Rotenboden to catch the last train back to civilisation.

Here you can find their day by day GPS data, written reports, from Justin’s perspective, and picture galleries. If you want to see all the post related to this Bottom Up at once, click here.

Day Zero

First of all a little glimpse on what is about to come. Here all the details, pictures and a short report.

Special thanks to the Golf Gerre Losone for the hospitality at the Parkhotel Delta in Ascona on that night.

Day One

We left Ascona and cycled over the Nufenenpass to end up or day in Ulrichen. All details here.

Day Two

It was supposed to be an easy day. It got a little more complicated… All details here.

Day Three

It was long and beautiful. Read all about it.

Day Four

Summit day, anything to add? Go to the dedicated page.


Bottom Up Switzerland. Run, run, run!

The idea is simple, start from Ascona, on the Lago Maggiore, 199 m above the sea level, and reach the top of the Monte Rosa, the Dufourspitze, 4634 m, without help of any mechanical engine.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld is a top endurance athlete. She won all the 4 Deserts Runs in 2012.

She ran all the way from Ascona to the top of the Dufourspitze. She took three days to reach Zermatt and two days to climb from there to the Top of Switzerland. The total count says 220 km and more than 9400 positive vertical meters.

We now have a full report of her adventure, and some pictures.

You can also live once again her adventure step by step on the live report page.

Xaver Walser, from the video production company Subgraviti, and Andrew King, from D4 productions, followed her with their cameras. Stay tuned to see what will come out of that.

In the meanwhile, read about the camera team viewpoint on the whole adventure here.


Leaving from Ascona, Anne-Marie run up the lovely Valle Maggia to sleep in the Capanna Basodino for the first night. On the following day, she run over the Passo Cristallina to go down to Val Bedretto and again up over the Nufenenpass, to end up in Fiesch. On the third day she reached Zermatt, then climb to the Monterosahütte where she had to halt for one day to a massive storm which brought rain, wind and snow. Finally, on July 30, she climbed the final 1750 m to the Top of Switzerland.

For the last day of the ascent she has been joined by mountain guide Cristian Balducci.

Thanks for support to:

Hotel Castello for accomodation on Wednesday in Ascona.

Hotel Backstage in Zermatt for for accommodation and the helicopter flight for the camerateam.

Skiservice Corvatsch for providing the mountainbikes for the camerateam, an assistant driver and a van.


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BUC CH: ride, walk, climb, ski. Day Four.

Summit day. Incredibly long, including the exhausting retour walk to Rotenboden, but incredibly rewarding. We made it!

Great report from Justin.

2200 vertical meters and 5200 kcal.

Scroll down for all the pictures!

Bottom Up Switzerland, RWCS, Day 4 at EveryTrail

Bottom Up Switzerland, RWCS, Day 4. Retour. at EveryTrail


BUC CH: ride, walk, climb, ski. Day Three.

Up to Rotenboden, down to the glacier, and then again up to the Monterosahütte. 16 km, 1600 vertical meters, 2700 kcal.

Read Justin’s report.

Bottom Up Switzerland, RWCS, Day 3 at EveryTrail


BUC CH: ride, walk, climb, ski. Day Two.

It was supposed to be an easy day. It got a little more complicated. Read Justin’s report. 89 km, 1200 vertical meters, 1900 kcal.

Bottom Up Switzerland, RWCS, Day 2 at EveryTrail


BUC CH: ride, walk, climb, ski. Day Zero.

First of all a little glimpse on what is about to come, on Day Zero, July 11, the report of the first part of the journey (by car…) and a few pictures. Special thanks to the Golf Gerre Losone for the hospitality at the Parkhotel Delta in Ascona on that night

BUC CH: ride, walk, climb, ski. Day One.

We left Ascona and cycled over the Nufenenpass (2478 m) to end up or day in Ulrichen. 120 km, 2400 vertical meters (and 3500 kcal, says my heartbeat monitor).
Justin’s daily report here.

Bottom Up Switzerland, RWCS, Day 1 at EveryTrail