Prologue (Zuoz – Ascona)

I spent the morning sorting out stuff: cycling, climbing, skiing… Lots to think about, a lot of considerations to make. What was absolutely essential? In the end you pack things you hope you won’t need, like avalanche shovel, beacon and probe; while other things stay behind and you hope you won’t regret having left them; like an extra pair of gloves or a camping towel. Other things, which you know to be unnecessary, somehow make it into the bag for the small bit of comfort they provide, like my iPod.

We arrived after a couple hours’ driving at Bellinzona’s train station to pick up Alessio who had left his home in Pisa, Italy, at about 6 this morning, dragging all his bike, ski and alpine gear on foot. After packing all his stuff into the already full car we made our way to Ascona where we were soon set up in our five star accommodation thanks to Cristina back in Zuoz.

At length we made our way to a restaurant back in Valle Maggia for a delicious pizza and now we are back in the hotel room sorting gear and getting ready to turn in. The long tour begins at 5.30 tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

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