Who we are


Giuseppe Milanesi

A long time mountaineer, a sport enthusiast, a ski instructor and a high school teacher. He had the idea of “Bottom Up Climbs” in summer 2012, while recovering from an injury. After having lived for 8 years in Spain and Switzerland, in 2015 he moved back to Livorno, Italy.



Alessio Piccioli

Climber, ski mountaineer, alpinist, instructor of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), he owns a software house in Pisa, Italy. He is the technical core and often the driving force of Bottom Up Climbs.


foto@Judy Ng Sahara 2

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld

The fastest desert runner in the world. In 2012 she won all the four Extreme-Races-Series “Racing the Planet 4 Deserts” setting new time time record in each race and of course overall. She joined “Bottom Up Climbs” in April 2013, while in search for new challenges. In 2015, after the Bottom Up Climbs expedition, she set the new women speed record on Mt. Kilimanjaro


3 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hanan

    we are family of 5 would like to try climb and or bike.
    we will be in abbruzzo on 17-18 OCT.
    is it possible?
    what are the prices?
    thank you

    • Giuseppe Milanesi

      Unfortunately we don’t live very close to the area. I’m sorry! The area is not very expensive and it is really beautiful. It can be already quite chilly but you can definitely still nicely climb or hike or bike. Have a good time!


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